Anita Bear Sandwina

Anita Bear Sandwina is a multi-instrumentalist Nor-Cal transplant. Her earthy, rootsy style comes from childhood winters on the plains of Iowa. She plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle for the Musers. Her award-winning songs make us laugh, and invite us to discover our own inner landscape. It is an absolute delight to witness her performances. They are high energy, heartfelt and, punctuated by her dancing feet and childlike wonder. Many an observer has said she is a “compelling force of nature” on stage. She has spent  years honing her craft in bands, most recently with Spark & Whisper.  


Megan McLaughlin

Megan McLaughlin is an innovative guitar and mandolin player and song poet from Sebastopol, California. She is known for her clear, powerful voice, and her high-energy performance. At home in many genres, her music ranges from funky, groove-oriented rock to poignant ballads. It’s a range that sets her apart from most other singer-songwriters. The same enthusiastic personality that held the attention of her five-year-old Kindergarten students captivates Muser fans now. 

Tom Kuhn

Tom Kuhn has a wide musical background ranging from the first-chair trumpet in the 4th-grade, to marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in High School.  He also dabbled in piano and tuba during his younger years.  After several hours of research as an adult, he now realizes the fewer strings the better.  And since ukulele players are everywhere, he now makes his musical home on the bottom, playing The Musers rhythms and roots on double-bass.  Tom has called Sebastopol home for the last 20 years.  He has previously played with a number of local folk, bluegrass, and Americana bands, including The Keepers, The Moonshiners, Wildflower and Late Harvest.


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